Moxy Turner

She’s got Moxy!

Obey the Cuteness!


Hello, and welcome to Moxy’s little website.  Amy and Matt got Moxy on November 23, 2005 in Mocksville, NC (for which she is named).  She’s a pure-bread Whippet, and is about 14 weeks old.  Some other information is as follows:

· Date of Birth - August 14, 2005

· Coloring -  “Fawn Brindle” (fawn being the light “base color” and brindle being the dark spots/stripes)

· She is tied for First Place as the Cutest Dog in the World (tied with the current record holder, Devo Turner)

· She is not too fond of her collar.

· She weights about 15 pounds (Nov 2005).

· She has only made one “mistake” in the house so far.

· Her name is pronounced “Mocks-ee” (and yes, we realize that “moxie” is a real word).

· If harnessed properly, her cuteness could power Northern California.

And without further ado, some photos:



Moxy is always keeping an eye on you...

Attacking Uncle Mike:

She really likes her crate:

Mommy with her new baby:

It’s a show-down…


Warning … Cuteness Overload … Please go the nearest exit immediately!

But, most of all, she likes to sleep …